TV/FILM: $90/session, 1 Hr Minimum +

STAGE:  $120/session, 1.5 Hr Minimum +

Invaluable for focus and confidence. Email audition material in advance, plus audition notices you've received.

TV/FILM - bring 2 sets of your audition material. We dig it out to develop strong character choices and emotional life. Particular attention paid to eyelines for camera.

STAGE - full rehearsal of professional, theatrical protocol from intro to exit. Expect to continue at-home rehearsals to deepen these ideas & make them your own.



Involves arriving prior to your audition and running the material to "get up to speed", reduces stage fright and increases effortless delivery. Bring 2 sets of sides and be offbook.



In-depth consultation and instruction, essential for Beginners. Each medium has a different "room," a set of expectations and protocol. The Actor must learn to integrate their craft with the technical elements that sometimes distract or diminish the performance. 

  • TV and Film Auditions
  • Theatre | Equity | URTA
  • Commercial Rooms
  • Cold Reading Skills


($120/session, 1.5 hours)

Specialized sessions on everything you need to know to approach the business with the right tools and the essential skills. Individual "How To's" sessions include headshots, resumes, getting an agent or manager, taking an agency meeting, protocol and conduct in a casting session, and more.


Or, buy the book,  "Actor Muscle: Craft. Grit. Wit. A Professional Guide to the Business of Acting."  directly from Amazon.  All editions are updated yearly for the most current services and professional protocol.


($90/session. Approx. 1.5 hours)

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced. Many of my students have invested in a long-term course of private study which opened doors to bookings, tours and acceptance to such prestigious establishment as Rutgers, and Circle In the Square. Bring depth and integrity to your work and commit to a weekly lesson devoted to your Craft.


"The difficult becomes habit. The habit becomes easy.  The easy ... beautiful."


(Film Prep:  $250/session)  
(Set Coaching: Rate Set Per Project)

"Work Clean" with FILM PREP. If you've booked a large role for Film or Television, you will want to prepare with depth and purpose by discussing the script, finding the character arc, and running scenes. Strong preparation gives you the confidence to relax in to the always stressful, often surprising dynamics of a film shoot. 

SET COACHING (after principal photography begins).  I always respect the directors needs, and focus on You. Shooting out-of-sequence brings it's own set of challenges, so it's important to have a neutral 3rd eye to keep you focused and ready.  Think of me as a "silent partner" that works well with others.

SCRIPT BREAKDOWN Character Development

($120/session.  Approx. 1.5 hours)

Stella Adler's astonishing approach to the script remains a tool for the actor in today's market. Apply it to all forms: stage - film - television. Utilize it for the rest of your career. Break down entire scripts and plays. Compatible with all acting methods. If you've been cast as a Lead in a large play or film, or part of an Advanced Scene Study Class, this is an essential and powerful way to dig out the script. Advanced level training is needed or strong skills at the Intermediate level. Can be applied to any script, of any era, from classical to contemporary.



First interview is gratis.  First Work Session is not.

All sessions are prepaid by paypal, or cash. No checks. Cash receipts provided.

No Audits.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy, No Refunds – must reschedule.

Second cancellation without 24 hour notice is an additional $25 fee.


Conveniently located in Toluca Lake, near most major studios. Universal, NBC, ABC/Disney, Warner Bros, and CBS/Radford. Hop-skip from Paramount, Sunset-Gower and other Hollywood casting facilities. Perfect for running your audition prior to your call.




   Young Actors Space


   John D'Aquino 



You are invoiced directly by email through PayPal. All sessions are pre-paid.

You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to use this service. 

Additional Option:  You may also utilize the dropdown window and payment button below.




1. Review the classes available and contact me at the email below.

 2. Attach your picture and resume in your email.  If you don't have professional materials, send a brief explanation of your acting background, training, and experience so far, and a perhaps a regular picture. Feel free to ask questions as well.

3. I will then contact you by email to arrange a FREE consult by video chat online.  Each consult is about a half hour long.

4. My consults are always by video chat, but coaching sessions are in person.  My overseas and out-of-state clients continue with online sessions.



Or click here.

SKYPE & Google Chat

Invaluable for the busy professional and out-of-town actor. Convenient and time efficient for last minute television and film auditions. Most auditions are put to tape and with Skype I'm able to correct your camera technique at the same time we develop character and dig out the script. Everybody loves the personal touch of the one-on-one, but you don’t have to settle for local, or battle traffic, when you need the professional eye.



fna Google Chat


From Broadway to soundstage, I’m still pounding pavement.


I studied directly with the late, great Stella Adler, and am blessed to work in both categories as a Leading Lady and a Character Actress. For 30+ years I have had the good fortune to work in TV and Film, with recent bookings on "Hollywood Dirt" (film), under guest contracts on "NCIS," "Modern Family," "Rizzoli & Isles,” "Criminal Minds,” "Mad Men,” and “Mathnet;” and national commercials such as "Progressive," "Honda," "Microsoft," and "Old Navy."  Visit IMDb to see full credits. I’m proud to be a 'Theatre Rat' with credits that include Broadway and Award-Winning regional theatres.

Primarily based in Los Angeles, many of my online clients are out-of-state and overseas. Adler Technique is my strong suit, but I'm trained in other methods and can easily work with yours. I’ve taught at SCR, the Stella Adler Academy, and AADA/LA.

I demand as much skill and clarity in my own gifts as I do in yours and continue to work my craft in Bobby Moresco's Actor's Gym, a professional actors and writers lab.



Photo by David Muller




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Products - Book, Audio, and Free Downloads



Actor Muscle: Craft. Grit. Wit.
A Professional Guide to the Business of Acting

2017 New York & Los Angeles Edition

 Available at Samuel French/LA and AMAZON


From Broadway to Soundstage, Bev Leech offers 30+ years of professional insight to the business of acting. Begin, maintain, and sustain your acting career in stage, television and film. Each successive chapter lays out your next move - Getting Started/The Game Plan, Headshots, Resumes, The Package, Self-Submissions to Book Work, Getting an Agent, Taking the Agency Meeting, The Agency Contract, Audition Protocol and Techniques, and MORE! New or established, this book is for you, providing legitimate and professional taste from a working actor.  It is designed to help you find work in the Industry and survive its “feast or famine," “crickets or cannonballs” energy.

Book Interview on Headshot Cafe





Bobby Moresco, Academy Award-Winning Writer/Director "Crash," "Million Dollar Baby"
Bev is as good as it gets. She’s smart, hardworking and a true craftsman – which is a bigger compliment than most people would think. I adore her as an actress and enthusiastically endorse her views in her Professional Guide to the Business of Acting.


Mike Rispoli, "Kick Ass," "Pain & Gain," "While You Were Sleeping," "The Sopranos," "Magic City," "The Rum Diary"
I wish there was a book like this when I was starting out! Bev Leech simplifies the hard truths of the business from the heart of her creative soul.


Richard Kline, Award-Winning Actor/Director in Theatre, Television, & Film
As a working Actor/Director, I find this book extremely valuable, not only for the actor just starting out but also for the professionals who want to stay on top of their game. It's a conversational and informative skill set that every actor should read.

Denny Sevier, Theatrical Talent Agent

Beverly is bundle of energy and knowledge about acting!


Casey Kramer, "Liberace: Behind the Candelabra," "Southland," "Dexter," and Los Angeles Critics Award-Winning Stage Actress
There are hundreds of thousands of books out there on acting. Perhaps only a few are noteworthy. ACTOR MUSCLE is in the select group of go-to books for the working actor. Ms. Leech has combined her keen business acumen and her artistic gifts to support an artist in putting their best foot forward in an increasingly competitive profession. She does it with humor and inspiration. On top of that, Leech is a working actor. She has been in the rooms that have demanded her best, now she's sharing it. You just can't get better advice!


Al Onorato, Talent Manager, Co-Founder of Casting Society of America

Bev is the perfect actress who practices all she preaches. She's a wonderful, energetic, positive actress, whose work is examplary.


Michael Colucci, Producer/Writer/Talent Manager

Bev Leech is my most trusted referral source. Her actors are always prepared, crafted, and ready to work.


Karen Hensel, Award-Winning Actor/Writer/Director, South Coast Repertory, Doris Collins in "The Young and the Restless"
Bev Leech's book is the perfect guide for the young actor learning the ropes. She draws on her 30+ years of experience to offer sound advice and tips, along with cautions about scams in the business. She has always been popular with my students and has some of the most SPECIFIC material I have ever seen -- and delivered with humor!


Publishers Weekly
Anyone interested in pursuing a career in acting could benefit from the detailed information she provides. Sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge, Leech is both encouraging and pragmatic.


Amanda Moresco, Writer/Producer/Actress

In all my years as the Co-Artistic Director of the Actors Gym of Los Angeles, I've come across very few artists as passionate and devoted to the pure craft of acting as Bev. She is such an amazing person to have in your artistic circle.

Joe Montague, Riveting Riffs Magazine
Beverly Leech has done a masterful job ... If you are a young actor, Actor Muscle is not a book you should think about picking up, it is a book that you must purchase! You will not find a better resource for the business side of acting.



"Nuts & Bolts of Audition Technique

for Television & Film"

The definitive CD for the working actor! Expert guidance and vital points to remember prior to any audition for film and TV projects. Excellent for the newcomer and the pro. With the Nuts and Bolts CD just "Suit Up, Show Up, Throw Down and Go Home!"

Beverly Leech shares professional tips to "work clean" in a Television and Film audition. Every audition room has protocol and expectations.  Your level of professionalism is judged by your ability to appear confident and ready, yet many actors stumble over the basics. "Nuts And Bolts" is about the technical side of cold reads and prepared auditions: such as the camera, the chair, the pages, and how to apply your craft and talent in your approach to the script. Special consideration is also given to circumstances such as the kiss, the callback, highly emotional scenes and more. Many Actors listen to "Nuts & Bolts" en route to auditions to empower focus and diminish stage fright.



MP3 Download Available at:          itunes.jpg               amazon.jpg               cdbaby.jpg               googleplay.jpg


The "Moment Before" ~ LAhousejunkie
I'm an amateur actress trying to break into the know the tune. Beverly's MP3 was very helpful –I got the coaching without the hefty price tag. She really breaks it down easy for you, and points out things a lot of people don't think about...for instance, her whole spiel on the "moment before" was really useful when getting into character. Overall, well-done and I'd recommend it.

Great Lessons and Insights ~ Madeline R.
I did a session with Beverly on the Stella Adler Technique and she was so informative and insightful, that I bought her CD. Everything she says is a worthwhile lesson when you are trying to get a break in TV or movies. It is still important to keep honing your craft, but Beverly's CD gives you a GREAT overview and introduction to the do's and don’ts of auditioning.

Home Run Acting Auditions with Actor Muscle CD ~ JR Van Noy
Friend tipped me off to Actor Muscle's Audition Technique CD and I'm forever grateful. OMG these are the reminders I need to hear before I walk in the room. Here's what I do: I listen in my car on the way to the audition. It's my game plan and breakdown of things to remember. These tracks are gold!

Great Overview for New Actors ~ MCR
I have been trying to break into the business for a few years now and it has not always been the easiest. I took a class with Beverly and loved her teaching style and the information she was giving, so I decided to buy her CD. I was not disappointed. Much of the information in Actor Muscle are great lessons and insight from someone IN the business. She has experienced everything she talks about, so you know it's coming from a reliable source. Whether you are just starting out as an actor, or been in the business for a few years, Beverly's CD is definitely for you.

Such Good Info ~ Gary
Glad I bought this CD. I've been in the business a long time, but this CD reminded me that I don't know everything. Certainly worth the price. Thank you Beverly!



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1. Pre-formatted headers and footers for your name, contact, and agency info.

2. Fully automated, pre-formatted margins and columns for your credits.

3. Changeable font styles and points to your taste.

4. In rtf (rich text format) - friendly for both Mac and PC's.

Don’t spend hours plugging away. Plug In.



I love my fans, and I thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm ~ BUT ~ this is a coaching website, and not intended for a fan base.  Please limit contact by email and skype for coaching sessions only.  Fan mail address provided below.  Thank you ahead of time for your understanding.


Snail Mail:

Send fan mail, to me c/o:

1434 6th Street, Suite #1
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Send regular business mail to:

PO BOX 2336
Hollywood, CA 90078

For Sessions Online:

Find me on Skype as

Beverly Leech Actor Muscle

Skype Me™!


Coaching Testimonials

Justin Sorvillo ~ Space Command Redemption, Tolkien's Road, Nevermore Chronicles

Beverly went above and beyond in our business coaching sessions. She researched and reviewed all aspects of my career, then helped me draft eye-catching submission emails and cover letters that I was proud to send to agents for representation. They really showed off my work, professionalism, and spirit as an actor. She also made creative suggestions to overhaul my actor website, which now is the strongest it has ever been. A few weeks after my sessions, I signed with a new, energetic agency, and they are the best I have had in my career.

Jason Fracaro, Actor/Producer ~ Rock & Roll: The Movie, Neighbors, Guys Reading Poems

I've always loved and respected the brass and the fiery spirit that is such an integral part of her nature, with a smart and resolute spirit that is contagious. She is caring, unwavering, and enduring ... a formidable mentor with amiable traits.

Steve Riley, Director

I had the pleasure of working with Beverly several years ago. When it comes to the biz, she knows the drill.

Kevin Kent, Writer/Director/Producer ~ Life's an Itch

Beverly stepped into our production to help us expand the breadth of our Lead. She was thorough, thoughtful and a complete success. Our movie is a comedy with heart and soul and Beverly got it right from the start. We are so thankful for her skills, her breadth of knowledge and her ability to dig deep to get the most out of the actors.

Alessandro Nori ~ FOD: The Neighbors, Bona Fide, Triangle, All That Remains, Itanglish, The Walking Tedd, Puma, Cassio, BCBG Max Azria, Moov

Beverly has been an amazing business mentor. Her passion and thorough knowledge of the industry guided me in building a strong and powerful marketing strategy. After working with her only once, I garnered five agency meetings, and signed with a new rep. Her work ethic is impeccable. She is generous, kind, and precise, but most of all, really cares for the success of her clients!

Lou Richards ~ Lovelace, How to Get Away With Murder, NCIS, Intelligence, Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men, Hulk

Beverly Leech has helped me tremendously with my auditions. I feel pretty confident when I walk in to a room after having worked with her. And, my booking percentage improved considerably! Thanks Bev!

J'aime Spezzano ~ Uneasy Lies the Mind, The Muse, The Guardsmen

Beverly Leech is one of the most influential teachers I have ever had. Not only did my knowledge grow but also my confidence. She has always inspired her students with an intellect and drive that is infectious. Teachers this good are a blessing!

Lis Hayward, ~ Edith Head: The Secret of 8 Oscars, The Next Mrs. Jacob Anderson (Best Actress), Sinners

Bev is an extraordinary coach - one of a kind. She has a natural intuition in knowing exactly how to help you and knows precisely how to communicate it to you. Her love and enthusiasm for the craft is contagious. When you put the work in, you will achieve your absolute best as an actor with Bev. I feel so lucky to have found such a talented and generous coach. If you haven't worked with Bev, you are missing out!

Daren Luke Kelly ~ M.L.E., Jack, Underground, Finding Fatima, Moony’s Kids Don’t Cry

I first studied script analysis with Beverly, at the Stella Adler Academy. She was then, as she is now, a tour de force in the craft of acting. As a working British actor, my Skype sessions with Beverly have been an inspiration. Whether preparing for a play audition or movie role, her unwavering belief in your individual talent is the gift she gives freely! But make no bones about it, her genuine love for "the work" and her intelligent forthright approach, demands a work ethic and rallying cry to stand on your talent. She's invaluable to any actor to make it in the business of acting.

Val Jobara ~ Kickass, Rush, The Bronx is Burning

Bev is not only a fine actress, but a top-notch teacher. She knows the business of acting more than most. A terrific coach that actors really need.

Sam Meader ~ Comedy Bang! Bang! In Time, Valley of the Scorned, 3 Days of Hamlet

Beverly Leech showed me the individuality in my craft, enabling me to hold myself professionally in a competitive world. Above all, she taught me how to be fearless.

Ashlee-Rose Barnett ~ Social Etiquette, Saving Mr. Banks, 1000 Ways to Die

Thanks to Beverly's advice and knowledge about the industry, I can own my auditions, nail a callback, and ultimately book a job.

Bryce Townsend ~ Grey's Anatomy, I Never Said I Love You

I spent a too-brief couple of hours in a Bev Leech seminar and left feeling very motivated & uplifted. She was confident, cool, tenacious, spunky and presented a tough, go-getting, grab-the-bull-by-the-horns approach. She's so cut with class and learned professionalism that I wanted MORE. A lovely, impressive lady.

Ivana Shein ~ The Division, Person of Interest, Days of Our Lives

Bev Leech has a superb balance of humor, gentleness, discipline as well as a laser-like focus on detail. Ms Leech's help, guidance and craft have been instrumental in my success. We need more people like Bev in this world, as she helps you not just discover your dream but actualize it.

Wendy Wiencek ~ Ugly Shoes, Average Joe, Phoenix Song

THANK YOU, Beverly!!!! You are AWESOME!!! After coaching with her only twice, I have booked 6 shoots! Her Audition Prep really WORKS! Beverly went above and beyond, and worked with me until I was READY. I went to my callback feeling so good, so confident and booked it! I totally look forward to working with her a lot more!

Marie Sokol ~ Army Wives, Reckless, Tammy, Temptation, Rapid Fire

The information in her business of acting book is FABULOUS. It helped me tremendously when I was first starting out and I still constantly refer to it. I had an acting "Aha" moment just last night when reading the book for the umpteenth time, and a very small piece of advice hit me like a ton of bricks. Acting is NOT a spectator sport and I bust my butt to get the job. I appreciate her advice and candor. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Tony Cellucci ~ URTA Audition Coaching

Beverly’s URTA coaching was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She was both tough and persistent, yet genuinely kind and caring . I garnered 7 callbacks, which is great considering that the average is only 2-3.  After which, I got some exciting offers to several schools. I need to decide soon, a 'quality problem' as Beverly would say. I’m sure she aided in my success and will use her again in the future. Thanks again!

Katie Harker ~ Switched at Birth

Beverly's passion is like a gale force wind blowing into a room, pursuing the truth with an unshakable faith in the process. While she takes this business seriously she doesn't take herself too seriously, which brings an element of fun and laughter to her classrooms. At times, she has believed in me more than I have believed in myself. That is the biggest gift you can give a student, an artist, and a human.

Rossi Morreale, Actor/Producer ~ Life's an Itch

Bev Leech was a godsend to me and my producing partner. She helped take our script and really bring it to life, contributing ideas that made our movie better and a lot funnier. As an actor, she taught me how to convey love and affection as a romantic lead, and gave me the confidence to deliver the role. Bev opened up a side of me that I never knew existed. She's the best...she the "Bevinator"!!

Hayley McLaughlin ~ River City (BCC), Capsized, Emilia, The Portrait

Ms. Leech has blessed me tenfold with tools and advice. She has that rare balance of humor and kindness along with professional and personal motivation. She's one-of-a-kind and invaluable.

Meredith Brown ~ Not Now, John

Bev's no nonsense approach to acting, teaching (and life) makes her an amazing, as well as talented and overwhelmingly supportive person. Since finishing her class, I've booked a film as well as a play, and continue to audition. I owe Bev for the confidence I have and use every day!

Thomas Waschenfelder, Actor/Writer

The moment you meet Beverly Leech, you're caught up in her whirlwind passion for the craft, giving her students what few acting teachers can - experience. Her love for acting illuminates the room and opened up possibilities for me as an actor that I didn't think I had. She is an incredible actress, and a gifted teacher. Any student can flourish, as I have, under her instruction.

Keith Staley ~ Squirrel Trap, Inglorious Kill Dogs, In Medias Res

Beverly Leech, is an encouraging, enthusiastic, and above all, empowering acting teacher. She knows how to recognize individual talent as well as how to communicate to the individual personality. She tells it like it is but she`ll never talk up or down to you. She`s the rare acting instructor that is genuinely passionate about the work without needing to be revered on a throne for it. She`s forthright, honest and disarmingly self-deprecating. Beverly sees that talent that is inside YOU and coaches to keenly inspire the actor to realize their own innate gifts; all the while making them laugh, creating a fun and free environment. I recommend her to any actor interested in doing their best work.

Mark Solz ~  Sweat & Blood, Broken Angels, Swipe Left, Alex, The Downside of Bliss

Beverly’s book and private coaching has been a tremendous help! I’m a newcomer to the LA market, and she has helped me to both develop a plan for the business side of acting, as well as begin the training I need to hone my craft. Our session on script breakdown and character development was tremendous. I’m so glad I have both the book and her guidance as I begin this journey of “chasing the dream."



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